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Our men’s group meets monthly on Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m.  Breakfast is included.  See the event calendar for details.


Women of Wisdom is held monthly at WCWC. It is an anointed time, lead by Pastor Angela Derksen.


We have ministries that range from infant to grade 5.


Anointed worship led by Benjamin Beckwith

4:12 YOUTH

We are very honored to have one of the best youth groups you will ever find lead by Minister Myke Hanna and his wife Shanna.

Youth:  YOU MATTER!  You matter to God and you matter to me.  But I want to take it a step further, you matter to the world around you, even if it doesn’t know it.  If you feel like you don’t belong, or you’re out of place, or you have to change to fit in, I want to tell you that the world needs you.  God has created you with the potential to give life and meaning to your world, rather than trying to find it for yourself.  Here at 4:12, our hope is for you to be able to discover who God is, who He created you to be, and how to walk out this crazy life.  You have so much inside of you to offer, don’t let it go to waste!   – Myke


ROYALTY is founded on a simple truth: One Word from God can change your life forever!

As young adults move on from high school they enter into one of the most crucial periods of their life, a period that Dr. James Dobson refers to as The Critical Decade. The decisions made during this period are meant to set the course for the rest of your life.